Be Green

“Green” issues in the jewelry world are complex and difficult to ignore.  At Goldworks we understand that you want to know your jewelry will be made with the highest ethical and environmental standards.  We are eager to answer any questions that you may have about the materials or production methods used to create your jewelry.

Through inheritance or other circumstances, you may have gemstones or precious metal that can be used to create a new piece of jewelry. While it is not always technically advisable, materials from old pieces of jewelry can often be directly recycled to create a new piece of jewelry, especially if there are sentimental reasons for doing so.  When materials are unsuitable or unwanted they can be traded, at salvage value, to facilitate a project.

Goldworks is committed to creating beautiful, responsible jewelry that you can enjoy for a lifetime.  We believe that by recycling and refining materials that are already available, and by obtaining new materials from ethical sources we can create “green” jewelry.

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